How to display a photo, collected from the field, inside the popup without clicking on the photo link

08-17-2015 09:49 AM
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I would like to enable my popup to display a photograph that was taken in the field without having to click on the attachments' link and open a new window. I have my layer enabled to allow attachments, take photos and display the links to the photos in the popup. Currently, within Portal, I have created a map with a feature layer containing a raster field ({photo}) to hold the attachment photo url. In Portal I can attach images and copy the url to the raster field ({photo}). I have configured the popup to take the data in the raster field and display it. 

Photo config popup.jpg Photo config popup disply.jpg

Two problems occur when I try to use the raster field and technique in Collector itself.

1) The raster field {photo} disappears entirely as if it never existed.

2) The link for the photo cannot be copied and subsequently pasted into the (missing) raster field.

I have searched around and cannot find information about how to solve this problem.

Any advice on how to solve the problems will be appreciated.

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I have now solved the problem for creating a field to hold the image(s) url. After adding my layer to a File Geodatabase I created a text field to hold 800 characters. I had previously tried to do this but had been unsuccessful. I still do not know why my raster field disappears once in Collector but with the improved text field I can now view images in Collector without having to click on the Attachments link.

I still cannot retrieve the image Attachment URL while in Collector. So I still need to figure out a way, without needing to use a PC/Laptop, to copy the image URL from the Attachment and place in my photo field to display.

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I just got collector up and running using agol. Do you know where the images go once they are attached to a point?

Thanks! -tom

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The images are in the Rest Services directory. Each point's attachment is grouped together with point specific ID's. Each attachment can then be viewed in the "Attachment Infos" page.

For example: yourhomeportalpage/arcgis/rest/services/Hosted/PP_Collector_testgdb2/FeatureServer/1/500/attachments


So far I cannot figure out how to reference the page to code the attachment to automatically be placed into a field.

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Vote for Esri to implement this directly: ArcGIS Idea - Show attachments in ArcGIS Online pop-up window

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Thanks for posting the link. I have gone to the site and voted. Hopefully it will be implemented soon.

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This needed implementation three years ago. It's absurd that it's still not possible in ArcGIS Online or Collector.

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Nov 2020, not implemented yet.  But curiously images ARE visible in a pop up if using a dashboard.

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You can also try Map viewer beta and configure popup and set attachment to view at gallery mode.

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