Are subtypes in standalone table supported in AGOL/Collector?

05-19-2022 04:22 PM
New Contributor

I am working with an asset management/inspection project that involves multiple feature classes and relationship classes to standalone tables.

I have done plenty of collector projects using standalone tables for filling out inspection data in the field, but for some reason this one is giving me trouble.

I can publish the features online and create a web map for collector just fine, but when I create a new row in the inspection table by filling out the form and hitting "Submit", I get an error saying it is unable to submit - 1 or more attributes failed. 

The only thing I am doing differently that I haven't done before is I am using Subtypes on the standalone inspection table to allow the use of different domains/default values, depending on what asset type is being inspected. 

I have all of the templates setup for the subtypes in Arc Pro prior to publishing online, and they show up when filling out the form and prefill my default values, but I am not able to submit the form.

I have seen that subtypes are supported in AGOL/Collector on Feature Classes when using unique values for symbology, but I am wondering if my issue is related to me using subtypes in this standalone table?


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