Enable/Allow Maps With Multiple Copies of a Layer to be Used Offline in Collector

03-07-2019 05:33 PM
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I'd like to see a feature added to enable/allow maps with multiple copies of a layer to be downloaded and used offline in Collector.  If needed, the copies that are created would be required to have editing disabled, or Collector could force editing to be disabled on any copies created, upon download.  If editing is needed, the original layer would need to be turned on and edits made to features in that layer, but copied layers could still be used with different filters and symbology set as needed and overlaid on top of the original layer.


This idea stems from the limitation in the New Collector app that does not allow a map to be downloaded for offline use when multiple copies of a layer are present within the map.  The only current solution is to have the layer owner create multiple view layers, which can then be added to a map and used offline in Collector.  This can become a cumbersome task for the owner of a feature layer or view layer that is shared and used by many other users at the creator license level.

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Blog discussion: Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views 

And another idea that would solve this problem:

Allow users at the Creator level to create "View" layers of their own, from shared content (layers a... 


Having multiple layers with different definition queries is very common for us.


One approach in the interim is to create separate feature layer views and apply filters to each view. This would work for ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise hosted feature layers only of course.  


Yes, but as mentioned above... “This can become a cumbersome task for the owner of a feature layer or view layer that is shared and used by many other users at the creator license level.”


I would like to see this as well.  I deploy hundreds of maps and thousands of feature layers a year. Every feature layer in a map has at least one duplicate (the duplicates have editing disabled and some query).  This is to help control when edits can be made (last 24 hours for example) while still providing a way to view "historical" features, though not editable.  Feature layer views might work but it also increases the amount of work significantly and means managing double the content. 


Would really love to see this fixed as the only solution besides removing layers is to go back to collector classic. Even FieldMaps still has this issue.


I'm in agreement with everyone who has posted.  I just came across this limitation within the last couple days without realizing how long it has actually been this way.  I am going to try re-publishing my desired layer but create duplicates - with definition queries - at the source Map level.  At least the full rest end point link for each will be slightly different so I'm wondering if that's enough to not be seen as a "copy".  This is still a little more work but would be more manageable than creating a multitude of views.


Good Morning, 

Does anyone know if this is still an issue in Field Maps as well?


@FranciscoRodriguez2 , yes im having the same problem atm in Field Maps. thats how i ended up here.

I wanted to show different part of the feature layers at different zoom levels.