Change selection color and size (halo) in Collector and ArcGIS Online

03-20-2015 05:48 AM
Status: Open
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When clicking on an asset in the Collector for ArcGIS app on the iPad, it currently provides a blue/turqouise halo around the selection.  Provide a way to change the selection color and size in Collector and ArcGIS Online.

This function is available in ArcMap (Selection > Selection Options > Selection tool settings). 


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Any progress on this? What does reviewed mean?

It is almost impossible to see the light blue highlight when outside especially in the summer, this has caused related records to be recorded against the wrong assets.

If your not going to add the enhancement so the designer can alter the colour then please hard code a colour that can be seen in the field!!


Definitely would be helpful for any Collector operators who are colour challenged or during bright field conditions.


This is still an issue with Collector version 18.0.1 on Android. The below screen shot shows a selected feature. There's a very narrow blue highlight line around the feature that's impossible to see. Even when zooming in on the image on my desktop it's still hard to make out the highlight. It would be great if we could configure the highlight in some way to make it more visible.

Collector app on Android with item selected and highlighted


+1 for this, there should be a setting configuration available to web map owner to adjust the halo color and size like in desktop. 


When will this configuration setting be available? 


I agree with everyone's comments. Five years folks have been asking for this feature and still no solution. Why?