How to add a model to a scatter operation

12-06-2023 07:53 AM
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Hey CityEngine Community,

I'm currently trying to leverage a basic "scatter" operation in my rule to allow for a few models to be scattered across a shape. This is the current code I have (again, very basic):

attr model1 = "assets/CornExport_0.dae"
attr model2 = "assets/source/Marul.fbx"

Lot -->
     scatter(surface, 50, uniform ) {model}


When I run the rule on the shape, the below image is given, which is just circular shapes. I've tried changing the {model} to match the imports (i.e. model1), but CityEngine throws the Duplicate Rule error at me, so I don't think I can call it there. 

Any help in fixing my rule and helping me understand where I went wrong would be appreciated!



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in your rule snippet, "model" is not defined and neither "model1" nor "model2" are used in an "insert" statement to actually read the assets.

Try to add this rule:
model --> i(model1)

Hope this helps & best,