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Extruding polygons using attribute

05-31-2024 04:23 AM
New Contributor

What is the right .cga rule to apply to a shapefile in order to extrude the polygons in it to a height using an attribute of the shapefile ? 

Currently using this one that I found on the net : 

version "2023.1"

attr hauteur = 10 // Default value in case the attribute is missing

Lot -->
extrude(hauteur) // Extrude the shape to the height specified by the "hauteur" attribute

Building --> Lot


But it isn't working. Any kind of help would be appreciated ! 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello @aogino 

Your CGA code compiles without error. When applying it to a shape, the resulting model is the shape extruded by 10m.



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