Does ArcGIS CityEngine use ArcGIS Online credits?

05-01-2024 03:25 AM
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Hi. We have a user in our organisation who is asking about using CityEngine. We have a licence available, but no-one in our GIS team has any experience with the software. I think our primary concern is that it may consume too many credits from ArcGIS Online. We have limited resources, so need to budget these carefully.

Does anyone know if it uses credits and if so, how many? My assumption is it may use the standard credits for feature storage for any items created using the software, and perhaps anything in terms of geoprocessing, but beyond that I have no idea! Any help would be much appreciated!

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As far as I know, only when I export scenes to AOL CityEngine consumes credits. I haven't seen credits being used for anything else, even the 'get map' tool doesn't seems to consume them, I don't have anything registered to this. A while ago I run out of credits without noticing and I used CE normally. And my understanding is that everything else in CE runs locally.