Live Link to Rendering Program?

09-20-2021 08:51 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

Take this idea with a grain of salt... but would it be possible to create a "live link" feature to connect with popular renders like TwinMotion and Lumion, or game engines like Unreal Engine and Unity?   

The current export process, while very robust, is very pipeline oriented.  You export the model and import into a rendering program, but if you find something you want to change you have to re-export the model and re-import in the render (a few extra steps, that get repetitive over an iterative process).     A live link with an update button, while probably just some form of "export magic" (as I, a non-expert, say that flippantly), is a slight bit more efficient and gives the appearance of a more iterative environment in the rendering program.


There's talk about improving the overall rendering capabilities within CityEngine so maybe that will help. Otherwise I don't see how you could live link. The Unreal Datasmith is pretty close though - two clicks of a button.


Enscape manages this as a plug-in to Revit, Sketchup. Would be great to see Enscape functionality for CityEngine.