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How Does One Combine Projects Into Folders in a Single Workspace?

06-30-2022 08:19 AM
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In CityEngine 2022 I have ESRI's examples projects, tutorial projects, and will have my own projects.  In my default workspace I'd like one folder for each type of project.  But Navigator/Right Click/New/Other will only let me put a new folder in a folder that already exists in the workspace.  Further, when a new folder is created in Windows under the CityEngine default workspace, it does not show in the CityEngine Navigator, even when I CityEngine/File/Refresh Workspace.  I have searched for similar questions - please direct me to these if I missed them.

I could place different project types in different workspaces but if they're all going to access one ESRI.lib the approach above seems simpler.  Must all projects be listed individually at the root level of a CityEngine workspace, no option to combine tutorials into one folder, clients' projects into another, etc???

Thank you!



Inside CityEngine all projects in the current workspace will show up directly under the root level. However you can create your folder structure with Clients, Tutorials, etc.. in windows and then link the projects into your workspace using "Import -> Existing Projects into Workspace" or "File -> Import/Link Project Folder into Workspace..." in the import dialog make sure to uncheck "Copy projects into workspace"

Hope this helps!



Thanks Jonas, I'll look into linking.

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I created a nested folder structure in CityEngine's default workspace in Windows, including a folder with ESRI's examples in it.  Then I CityEngine/File/Import Link Project Folder into Workspace/opened the Example Folder/selected an example project ("copy projects into workspace" was selected in the Import Projects dialogue box) - the example project opened at the "root" level of the CityEngine Navigator tab (it did not import the folder that example was in that groups all examples together in my Windows structure).  I tried to import a different example but with "Copy projects into the workspace" in the Import Projects dialogue box turned off" and had the same result.

So unless I'm missing something, Import/Link does not replicate my Windows file structure in the CityEngine Navigator tab.

Is there any way to nest projects in groups in the CityEngine Navigator tab so that tab doesn't just become a long list of projects of different types drawing from my ESRI.lib?



Hi again,

Currently, you can't have a nested project structure inside of CityEngine.

My previous post was just saying that you can organize your projects into sub folders in windows and then link them into workspace(s). However, in CityEginge all projects will still be shown directly under the root level. Reading through my post again I realized it was not 100% clear, sorry about that.

Anyway I think you have a valid usecase here, and we will look into it if we can support this in the future!


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