Block boundary

09-28-2021 03:20 AM
Status: Open
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Would it be possible to add BLOCK BOUNDARY. Not all blocks are surrounded by streets (graph network), but are at the edge of the city. The boundary could enclose the block polygon idependent od graph. 


Blocks could by divided by the boundary.b

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I like your idea!  I think a "boundary line" that doesn't effect the street network geometry, particularly  by not creating a new node shape, would be great.   

Just wanted to note, sometimes you can work around this by creating a street with 0 width and 0 sidewalk widths to help enclose a block without modifying the street shape.   But you might have to tinker with how it interacts with your street shapes because it will likely effect the street node's geometry negatively or undesirably.


Thank you, @BrianWamsley  The main  idea was exactly not to affect street network. Zero-street works, but addes new nodes to street geometry (at least).