Complete Street Rule Documentation & User Guide.pdf

05-31-2015 07:12 PM

Complete Street Rule Documentation & User Guide.pdf

Hello Geonet Community,

Since the release of the Complete Street Rule, I have had a few questions about whether there was documentation for the rule. After enough of these questions, I decided to just sit down for the past two weeks and write up a document that I thought might be helpful for anyone using the rule. The guide posted here provides information on the general design of the complete street rule, a parameter guide, information about its reports, and a few tricks for using the rule. There is more discussion about the Complete Street rule on this discussion page on Geonet, but many of the main aspects of this discussion page will be relayed in this document.

I spent a lot of my own time working on the guide, but did not spend a lot of time editing. I was hoping the Geonet community would provide comment on things that need more attention, rephrasing, or other editing.

Hope it is helpful.


A more recent version of the rule can be found here: Complete Street Rule Update

The guide has been updated to include some Dashboard examples and some of the changes of the updated Complete Street Rule. This document will be slow to change compared the Complete Street Rule Update page, so be sure to check that page for the latest changes.



Zorko Sostaric

Chris Wilkins


Eric Wittner

Alan Klys

Shannon McElvaney 

Steve Rhyne

Leilei Duan


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