Proportion Data By Geography Tool

07-20-2011 08:09 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I would like to see a simple tool to clip and proportion data from a trade area boundary. The tool would allow the trade area or multiple trade areas to be selected, type of demographic fields and then the user could then select the type of geography (blk grp, census tract, zip code, etc.) for the data to be clipped from. Then a .dbf or report could be generated that would have the whole geography numbers before the clip, the proportioned numbers of the clip area and also the percentage of the geographic area that was clipped by each trade area. I don't need the areas summed-I can get that in standard trade area reports. *I know that I can get this information in a couple of different ways currently, but it is a little convuluted. I am asked to do this type of analysis quite a bit, and a dedicated tool would simplify my workflow greatly.