Webinar Recording And Slides: Leverage, Manage, and Share Bathymetric Content across Your Organization

12-15-2022 12:02 PM
Esri Contributor

Learn new ways to organize and share your bathymetric data using next-generation ArcGIS Bathymetry for compiling and publishing data.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can leverage web-based apps to find, explore, and create custom surfaces from a bathymetric information system (BIS). Those bathymetric surfaces can then be used in ArcGIS Pro to support nautical charting workflows, seafloor change detection, dredge management calculations, and hydrographic survey planning.

Slides: https://go.esri.com/bathymetry22

Recording: https://mediaspace.esri.com/media/t/1_nj6yj6t0


Additional bathymetric resources please explore:


Maritime ArcGIS Online Organization, where you can find web mapping apps, and document links.



Maritime Community Page, where you can ask additional questions.



National Maritime and Hydrography Industry Page to learn more about implementing ArcGIS Bathymetry in your organization.



Stay in touch with Esri Bathy at maritime@esri.com.


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