White Screen Cloud Make Build

07-08-2021 11:54 AM
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I'm currently running AppStudio 5.0.143. I made a build through cloud make and after installing the application will only show a white blank screen and gives no errors in the error log. The application runs fine in qt creator. I reverted my changes to a previous version of the application that was a working compile and the issue persists. Any ideas about what to check for?

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My apologies. My AppStudio version is 5.0.148

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I have a similar issue few weeks ago.
Check your imports, maybe you are using deprecated ones.
For example AppFramework Controlls or AppFramework Promises...

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Thank you for your input. I will check for deprecated imports and code and let you know what I find.

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White screen is normally a sign of QML related issue. I see that you are using AppStudio 5.0, and we recently upgraded the Cloud Make to AppStudio 5.1, can try testing your app in AppStudio 5.1 Desktop AppRun or AppStudio Player? It might tell you the error message when you run it against AppStudio 5.1. 


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 I have a similar issue.

We created an app using ArcGIS AppStudio (Windows).
When I run my app with ArcGIS Appstudio 5, it cannot load these modules (Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Toolkit.Dialogs and ArcGIS.appFramework.Controls).
The app therefore does not work. ArcGIS Appstudio 5 considers these modules obsolete.
So I reverted my version of ArcGIS Appstudio from version 5 to version 4.
The app works well on Appstudio.
So I generated my application using cloudMake with the “Android Debug Certificate” signature.
Cannot install the generated * .apk file on a phone (Android 11).
The generated * .exe file installs well on a computer (Windows 10 Enterprise) but we get a white screen when launching the application.

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