Issue with targetsdkversion (Appstudio w/cloud make)

03-24-2023 01:51 PM
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I've made an app with Appstudio 5.4 and Runtime 100.14.

It works fine but when i make the apk and upload it into Google Play to internal testing it shows the following message as a tester:

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Translated: This app is not available for your device because it was built for an older version of Android

Note: I'm trying to test it in Android 11.

I setup the target sdk version in appinfo.json like this:

    "deployment": {
        "android": {
            "minimumSdkVersion": 31,
            "packageName": "<app bundleid that cannot reveal>",
            "targetSdkVersion": 33

This is following the Google Play API Levels | Android versions, SDK/API levels, version codes, codenames, and cumulative usage

Is there anything that i'm doing wrong?, because my current release works fine in production


But my updated version don't



Thank you in advance


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Hi @Leandro-Zamudio ,

This issue may also happen because of an outdated AppStudio app (5.4), I recommend you download the latest version 5.5.180, and re-do the Cloud Make process because the Cloud Make systems are really setup to only support latest AppStudio versions and any previous version may not cloud make correctly as expected. Let us know if that works.

If the above process still shows the error, we would like to know the exact steps you were performing to get the app? Also, when was the initial apk downloaded? Any kinds of changes or updates you made after that to the app?


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After updating AppStudio to 5.5.180 now i can't even make the build.


I have been waiting like an hour to build the app via cloud make.




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There seems to be something wrong with the Cloud Make process.  I haven't been able to get a build to works since early Friday afternoon.

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Update: I built the apk now with 5.5.180 (for some reason i could make it installing the software on another pc) successfully.

I upload it to Play Console and the problem persists (same message).

In app studio I just:

1. Set up the settings (certificates and stuff) the update i did in the apk was change a featureservice parameter (nothing changed in the code). Just in case i deleted the minimumsdkversion and targetsdkversion for android


2. Upload it


3. Select Make and choose cloud option.


4. Set the password for android and iOS keys.


5. and request build, download from OTA and upload it into play console

This is the play console result of the releases (it's a wider range than before).




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