App Crashes in Map Tour

06-13-2022 07:58 AM
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Hey all,

I am using the Map Tour template to create an app using ArcGIS AppStudio. When I go into the gallery of map tours in the app and click on a tour, the app will crash. 

It will only do this on Android and iOS mobile devices using AppStudio Player. It doesn't do this while using Player on my desktop. 

I've tried downloading the log report for the Android device but I don't know what I'm looking for besides an error. Can share if needed.

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing the issue?


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Hi @JoshBillings ,

Sorry to hear your app is crashing. It's difficult to say exactly what is happening and providing the log reports may help. Have you also tried connecting your devices to the AppStudio Desktop Console tool to see if the app is providing any console outputs there? I believe as default it should console out some of the tour information if it is retrieved fine such as the web map id, title, etc. 

Can you also provide more details such as device OS versions, AppStudio Player versions, and the map tour id you are using?



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Hey @TrevorFrame,

I've attempted to connect my device to AppStudio Console but I can't seem to get the Console to log anything from my devices after connecting.

I've attached logcat.txt from my Android device to this message. AppStudio is started on the device around 7:49:23.941 and crashes around 7:50:31.


AppStudio Player: 5.2.133

Android OS: 12

iOS: 15.5

Map Tour ID - currently using 12 different Map Tours in the App (id's attached)

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Thank you for providing these details. After installing Player 5.2 on my device and running Map Tour (5.3) with your Map Tour ID's, I'm unable to reproduce this crash. I'd recommend trying a few things.

First, update your player apps to the latest version, 5.3, and run your app.

Second, try cloud making your app and installing the app to your device and see if this native app is also crashing.

Thirdly (based on assumption you have customized the Map Tour app with code), try creating a fresh Map Tour (5.3) app and run this app with the default tours included. See if this causes the crash. If not, add your custom tours and run this to see if this is causing the crash. If no crashes occur, then dive into any code changes you made that could be causing this.

For the console to work, both the pc running the console tool and the mobile device connecting have to be on the same network. Make sure they are. If they are, the console.log() should print out just as they would if the app is ran through Qt Creator. 

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