What’s new in Templates for AppStudio 3.3 Beta?

03-01-2019 11:35 AM
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Templates downloaded from AppStudio desktop have been updated to work with the AppStudio 3.3 beta. The AppStudio website will be updated when version 3.3 goes final. These updates include:

  •       Quick Report supports multiple feature layers
  •       All templates now supports Qt 5.12
  •       Support for Hindi language for all templates
  •       Bug fixes and minor UI improvements


Quick Report

  • Quick Report now supports multiple feature layers (configurable with AppStudio Desktop only) from a single feature service in the template. This has been one of the top enhancement requests over the past year. When configuring multiple feature layers, you can now have a mix and match of different geometry types. For example, you can configure one or more point feature layers, polyline and/or polygon feature layers in the same app while allowing end users to collect desired field data across different layers or geometries on the fly.

      How to configure multiple feature layers? -  First, you need to configure multiple feature layer IDs in the        AppStudio desktop template app Settings. E.g. in the wildfire feature service (currently the default feature service for       the template) if you want to include all three layers, you need to add the Layer IDs as “0,1,2” in the AppStudio       Desktop > Settings > Form > Layer IDs of the feature service field (see screenshot below). 

      When you run the app, you will see a new Report Galley page (see screenshot below), which includes the                      configured feature layer options in it. You are allowed to add as many layer IDs as you want as long as they are       hosted under the same feature  service. This will work with both secured and public feature services.

  • Known issues – If you experience crash right after submitting the report in your existing Quick report application based on version 3.2 template or before, please update your app using the Quick Report 3.3 template code. 

Map Viewer

  • Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Known issues – If you experience crash when accessing web maps in your existing Map Viewer application within the latest AppStudio 3.3 Desktop or Player, please update your app using the Map Viewer 3.3 template code. As this issue has been fixed.

Map Tour

  • Number of bug fixes and small improvements have been made under the hood.

Please feel free to test and provide your feedback through the GeoNet or emailing the team at appstudiofeedback@esri.com.


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