What's new in AppStudio Desktop Version 2.0

06-30-2017 09:00 AM
Esri Regular Contributor
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AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop version 2.0 is getting a brand-new look.  The new design of AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop provides a beautiful and consistent interface and simple user experience.  Many new features and enhancements were introduced to the AppStudio Desktop and changes include the following:

ArcGIS Runtime Version 100.1 support

One of the most exciting enhancements is the support for new ArcGIS Runtime. With the new runtime, you can leverage 3D scenes, Raster data, Mobile Map Packages, Vector Tiles, and more in AppStudio apps. However, we did not forget about your existing apps, in fact, we went a step further by supporting both runtimes side by side (Yes that's right, both your existing apps using 10.2.6 runtime and the new ones using 100.1 will run, compile, play and build side by side).

Brand-New Interface

AppStudio for ArcGIS 2.0 Desktop has a cool new interface tailored to improve your app development experience and efficiency. The simplified menu bar enables you open Console to debug apps, launch virtual devices, refresh gallery, create a new app, and set preferences.  The user interface is also customizable with the choice of light and dark themes, normal and large card sizes, and ability position side panel to the left and right.  The new side panel gives you quick access to the tools you use most.  Two new tools included in the side panel are the “Open Online Item” and a QR code generator so you can quickly download an app to a device running AppStudio Player.

             Note: The new design for Console, Settings, and Make will be available in the following release.


Better Search Functionality

Searching apps in the gallery just got easier.  AppStudio 2.0 features powerful search functionality that can help you find any app easily.  Not only can you use #tag search for apps tagged with a term or @username for apps created by a specific user, but you can also filter apps based on the app ownership, location, and status.




Enhanced Create “New App” Experience

We have completely redesigned the "New App" dialog to provide you an easier experience to create apps.  You can also now search for samples and templates apps in the “New App” dialog. 


New Samples

With the support of new ArcGIS Runtime, we have updated more than 40 high-quality samples to help you build custom apps. These samples demonstrate core runtime features such as 3D scene, feature layers, offline map, portal, along with samples for native capabilities. To use or view our samples you can click on the “New App” button,  select Samples category, and choose the sample that you want.  You can also access these samples online at AppStudio Samples GitHub.


New Controls

Qt introduced new controls which include Material and Universal style. The Material Style follows Google Material Design Guidelines whereas Universal Style is based on Microsoft Universal Design Guidelines. AppStudio now supports these controls to help you create visually appealing apps. 


Beta Features

AppStudio has introduced few new capabilities as beta features such as:

  • Local Notification
  • Vibration
  • Background Location
  • Promises
  • SQL Storage

You can learn more about them by reading this blog post.