What’s new in App Templates for AppStudio 4.0?

09-16-2019 10:08 AM
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The App Templates in AppStudio Desktop have been updated to work with the AppStudio 4.0. All four templates now support Runtime 100.6. Here is a list of other updates to the templates in this release: 

3D Scene viewer

  • In the AppStudio 4.0 beta release we introduced a new 3D Scene Viewer template - to discover, browse and interact with ArcGIS 3D maps (web scenes). Based on your feedback we have now added support for the offline scenes aka mobile scene packages in this release. Similar to other AppStudio template apps, you configure the template to consume your desired global web scenes and mobile scene packages by providing their item ids hosted within your organization or publicly across ArcGIS Platform.
  • This template now allows you to do sign-in to your organization across ArcGIS Platform to display the secured content (web scenes & mobile scene packages) and to download mobile scene packages. Once downloaded onto your device, the mobile scene package will be available to operate without any internet connection. Below is a quick video on how to display a mobile scene package. 

Note: To allow users to download a mobile scene package without signing in to an ArcGIS organization, Enable Anonymous Use can be used while creating, if you have licensed ArcGIS Pro with the ArcGIS Publisher extension.

Let us know what do you want to see in the future release in the comment below or by email.

Map Viewer

  • BUG-000122909 - Resolved issue to avoid mobile device screen locking while a mobile map package is being downloaded. If a user is downloading one or multiple mobile map packages, the device wouldn't go in sleep mode until the download is complete or user manually turns off the screen. 
  • The template now checks if a client ID is available before the user continues with a sign-in operation. If the client ID is not provided in the app, it will prompt the user.
  • Online and offline gallery sections now have individual limits to show the number of items in the gallery. For example, if 10 is set as the limit, the gallery will load up to 10 items each for the two categories. Previously the limit was shared between the two.  
  • AppFramework.Controls library reference has been removed from the Map Viewer template as the AppStudio Framework has deprecated this library.
  • Map Viewer template has been updated to use ECMA 7.0 javascript promises.
  • Other bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Quick Report

  • BUG-000124162- Resolved issue with submitting a report with audio or video attachments when submitting report through saved drafts.
  • AppFramework.Controls library reference has been removed from the Quick Report template as the AppStudio Framework has deprecated this library
  • Other bug fixes and UI enhancements

Map Tour

  • AppFramework.Controls library reference has been removed from the Map Tour template as the AppStudio Framework has deprecated this library
  • Other bug fixes and UI enhancements

Please feel free to test and provide your feedback through the GeoNet or emailing the team at appstudiofeedback@esri.com.


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