Use AppStudio Player Profiles to Showcase your Native Apps and Web Apps 

08-12-2020 02:05 PM
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AppStudio 4.2 release introduces a new way to customize AppStudio Player by creating Profiles. Profiles give you the ability to control the content and appearance of the Player and is managed by configuring a group in your ArcGIS organization. We are continuing to improve this feature to make it easier than ever to create and launch Profiles. We encourage you to create a Profile and test it in Player 4.3 beta.  


Improvements to Profile 


1. Launch profiles in Player directly  

In the upcoming version (4.3), it is no longer required to create an app link to distribute and launch a Profile. To distribute your Profiles, you simply add a customprofile tag to a group and share the group with the end-users. Upon signing in to ArcGIS Online, or Enterprise account, the end-user can view all the available Profiles and launch them in the Player directly.   

2. Switch between multiple profiles 

To accomplish different workflows, you may need to create multiple Profiles that are tailored to your organization’s needs. You can now easily switch between different Profiles in the Player. This improvement displays all the available Profiles on one page and eliminates the need for end-users to juggle multiple app links for different Profiles. 


3. Improvements to the user interface color 

To improve readability, the Player will now change the text and icon colors automatically to optimize contrast against the provided branding color. 


Get Started  

1. Create a Profile  

Review this blog post to learn how to create a Profile.   


Note :  

  • It is important to add customprofile tag for the group so it will appear in the Player Profile page.  
  • Remember to invite end-users to the group or share the group with the organization.  


2. Download AppStudio Player 4.3 beta 

 AppStudio Player 4.3 beta is available in Apple’s TestFlight and Android Beta Program. 


3. Launch a Profile  

Sign into Player Tap on side menu > navigate to the Profile page select the preferred Profile  

4. Remove Profile (optional) 

Tap on side menu > navigate to Profile or About page > tap on Remove Profile button at the bottom.  


Now you are all set for testing Profile in Player. Your feedback and suggestions are constructive for us to deliver a stable, high-performance product to everyone for the final release. For bugs or other suggestions, you may find, please submit a bug report or email us at 

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