Updated featured templates for AppStudio for ArcGIS 1.3

12-12-2016 04:27 PM
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With the AppStudio 1.3 release, we have made some great improvements and additions to the three featured templates. Highlights include: 

  • Quick Report – support for offline data capture and multiple photos per report 
  • Map Tour – better picture and video support, better feature navigation 
  • Map Viewer – added layer list, map scale, units and location accuracy 

If you have already used a featured template to create an app, it will continue to work as is. New apps created at appstudio.arcgis.com will use the new templates. As of AppStudio 1.3 you can also create apps from these featured templates within AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop Edition. Some of the new features can only be configured in AppStudio Desktop Edition.  

Look out for follow up blogs coming soon for details on all new features in each template. 

Create a new app from a featured template online 

  1. Got to appstudio.arcgis.com and sign in with your ArcGIS organizational account 
  2. Click Create your app 
  3. Click Start with this template for either Map Tour, Map Viewer or Quick Report 
  4. Add title, Summary, images and setting and click Save and Finish

At this point you can sign into AppStudio Player to download and use your app, choose to build installation files to create a standalone app, or open the app in AppStudio Desktop Edition for additional configuration or customization. 

Create a new app from a featured template in AppStudio Desktop Edition 

  1. Launch AppStudio Desktop Edition 
  2. Click New App 
  3. Choose from the template category, enter a title and click OK 

At this point you should click Settings to configure the app further. You can also sign into AppStudio Player to download and use your app, choose to build installation files to create a standalone app, or open the app in Qt Creator to customize it. 

Migrating an existing app to use a new template 

Many of you have already created great apps from our featured templates. There are several ways to migrate to using a new version of the templates. 

The method that has the least room for error, is to create a new app using the same resources as your original app. Create your new app in appstudio.arcgis.com or AppStudio Desktop Edition and add your feature service, web map or images. This will mean all the files inside the app will be guaranteed to be the latest. If you already share your app in your ArcGIS organization, it will mean the app is a new item. 

If you need your updated app to remain as the same item in your ArcGIS organization, you will need to use AppStudio Desktop Edition and copy and paste files. The critical file that you need to preserve from your original app is the appinfo.json file. Create a new app as described above, and copy all of the files over your existing ones, leaving only appinfo.json as original. 

You can also choose to selectively update individual files using a file comparison tool. This choice is very much dictated by your level of comfort with the code, and might be the best option if you have added your own files to the app.