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Line through polygons spanning 180-degree line

03-20-2018 05:20 PM
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I am trying to render a shapefile with polygons in the Pacific Ocean, which span the 180-degree line. The resulting image shows a line going through the polygons at the meridian, and I would like to know how to avoid this. Note: the polygons are not split into separate features in the attribute table, they are simply rendered with a line through them. 

My basemap is in WGS_1984_PDC_Mercator coordinate system, with Central_Meridian: 150.0, so as to depict the Pacific Ocean in one piece (rather than split on opposite sides of the map). I've tried projecting the polygon shapefile into WGS_1984_PDC_Mercator, as I understand this is a Pacific-centered projection. However, this does not get rid of the line.

Any help is appreciated!

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I have the same issue.  Similar polygon.  In an online map being used in dashboard app.  It is cut at the 180 and when you zoom to it, it zooms all the way out.  Any solve for this would be greatly appreciated.  

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