Unable to deploy Azure Function (VSCode) with "arcgis" (latest) python package

04-14-2024 11:01 PM
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I try to deploy an Azure Function App through VSCode. The deployment takes more than half an hour and never succeeds when in my requirements.txt the python package "arcgis" is listed. At least the arcgis latest version does not work for deployment. With "arcgis==1.9.1" in requirements.txt it worked after 10 minutes. The deployment does a zip deployment with a pip install on Azure.

Anybody an idea what goes wrong?

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Esri Regular Contributor

If Azure Functions is anything like AWS Lambda, my guess is you are hitting some kind of size limit with the newer version. This used to happen to me all the time with Lambda functions and I eventually opted to just write custom code to keep things light.


Per this issue, the size limit for zips appears to be 2GB: Is there a way to increase the file size limit of zip deployment for azure web app? Currently the li...


Do you know if you are over the limit?

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