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Script to compare feature classes and return differences in structure

06-07-2024 04:33 AM
Occasional Contributor

Good morning,

Is there any script that compares two feature classes and returns the differences in structure, such as missing fields, fields with different type, etc.

Same type of script but comparing FGDB.




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Hey Sanchez,


Would the Feature Compare tool work? Probably would be quickest to refer to this in your script.


Hope that helps,


Esri UK -Technical Support Analyst
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Hi @David_McRitchie 

This tool only says that "Table: Tables have different number of fields (Base: 43, Test: 120).
Field: Field OBJECTID aliases are different (Base: OBJECTID, Test: Object ID).
Field: Field XCOORD default values are different.
Field: Field YCOORD default values are different.
Field: Field ZCOORD default values are different.

and I am looking for a tool that lists the fields missing, in this case 120-43 = 97 fields missing.


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