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Jupyter Notebook fails to load custom locator outside of ArcGIS Pro

4 weeks ago
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Hello Community!

I have an issue with a notebook script I was hoping you all could help me with. This script uses a custom locator to geocode addresses and we recently uploaded it to our ArcGIS Enterprise portal (we're on 11.2). I changed the script to point to the URL instead of the locator’s local path and it all works as it should, as long as the notebook is running within ArcGIS Pro (I’m on 3.2.2).



When I open the same notebook in a standalone notebook (either via Python terminal or in VSCode), it throws a ValueError and fails to load the locator:



Both programs are running on the same environment.

Does anyone know why this notebook would work from within ArcGIS Pro, but not in another program?

Than you for your help!

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Have you blanked out the locator URL in your screenshot?

Also, what python environment is your notebook using? Is it the same one as in Pro?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hi Josh, thank you for the reply! Sorry I should have mentioned the URL is blanked out in the screenshot. I edited the original post to include it.

The notebook is running the same environment as Pro (a clone of the default ArcGIS Pro environment).


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