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Interactive User Input using ArcGIS API for Python

a month ago
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Hello Everyone,

I have an issue while trying to add features to a web layer published in ArcGIS Online through ArcGIS API for Python.
I want to open a map widget and add the layer to it. Then, I want to open like an edit session to add features (Polygons) interactively through the open map widget.
All this in ArcGIS Notebooks on AGOL.

Anyone can help, please??

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It seems possible albeit somewhat involved:

Part 2 - Working with Geometries | ArcGIS API for Python

About halfway down is a Creating geometries interactively using the map widget section. It seems like you'll have the capture what the user draws inside the widget, copy the geometry, then append a new feature with that geometry to your layer. To fill out the metadata, you could import ipywidgets and make a few fields the user fills out

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