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create_view Does Not Work with non-sequential Layer IDs

06-09-2024 06:12 AM
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If the uniques in the layer of a service are not arranged from 0 to N, top to bottom, the result of 'create_view' will be unusable. I ran this code on a service with non-sequential ids:

source_search ="test_20240608_unique_ids_assigned_all_around")[0]
source_flc = FeatureLayerCollection.fromitem(source_search)

new_view = source_flc.manager.create_view(name="unid_all_around_view")

Layer order in service:


Layer order in view created by above script:



The view, when opened in the map viewer. The route, which is a line, has become a point layer. Activity 11016565550 GPXtoFeatures has become a line feature. A complete mess.



This only happens with 'create_view' in ArcGIS API for Python (in a notebook). If I make the view manually, this does not happen. create_view DOES work correctly when the order of layer ids in the service is 0,1,2... top-down. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a bug? I have reproduced this on several platforms. ArcGIS API for Python cannot make a view from a service with non-sequential layer ids.

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Looks like you have a reproducible case? If it's not working as expected with the latest version of the API, I'd say you should go ahead and log something here: Issues · Esri/arcgis-python-api · GitHub

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