Sketch and measurement graphics not showing up after 4.12 update

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07-26-2019 02:11 PM
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For some reason the graphics for the measurement and sketch widgets don't work for me after I upgraded the js api for v4.12. I thought it could be a problem with my application but it doesn't work with the official samples either

Things I tried:

- I tested it at 8 different computers but only mine (a mac mini late 2012) and a lenovo notebook had this problem.

- This issue happens at all major browsers at my machine (chrome, firefox and safari), with and without any extensions enabled

- It doesn't work with a different user in the same computer either, even a newly created one

- It works when I boot my computer at safe mode (but everything is very slow)

- It works just fine at v4.11, but not v4.12

Any ideas?

EDIT: Looks like the issue happens at computers using either Intel HD 4000 or 3000 gpus.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi there, 

This issue will be fixed at version 4.13 which is expected to be released early October. 


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In our company we have the same problem. 2D Graphics are not displaying on 40% of our machines - all these machines have an Intel 4000 graphic card. 

However on a 3D Sceneview the same graphics are displayed.

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Yes... Many machines have intel 3000/4000 not work

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That makes sense, my computer has an Intel HD 4000 and the other that didn't work have an HD 3000.

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Hi Weslly H.,

Thanks for reporting this. On the affected HP machine, can you post the DirectX diagnostic report?

Press Windows Key + R, type in DxDiag, click Save All Information


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I attached the diagnostic report to the post.

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Esri Contributor

Hi Weslly,

There were some system requirement changes implemented in the 4.12 release:

The relevant part is: 'high-performance graphics card with at least 512 MB of video memory'.

To my knowledge, this means dedicated video memory which you can find by following these steps:

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My computer has 1.5gb of video memory, so I don't think this is what is causing the issue,

As Roman König said, 3D sceneviews views work just fine with the selection and measurement widgets (in my case without any lag)

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I have one computer  have 256mb of video memory(Intel HD 4600), but it can work in 2D Graphic
I have another computer can't work... I can easy change video memory in bios but useless
many problems in 2D graphic (and draw polygon fillsymbol error)
it work in 3D

before 4.12 , when i meet any problem i can tell my client user your computer is too old to run 3D or some new function
But now I Can't 
explanation my client user
Why 2D graphic error , 3D working properly , Something must have happened to graphics.

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