Intermittent FeatureLayer error

08-09-2022 02:20 PM
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I have an application where a featurelayer is created with ESRI JavaScript API 4.24 from a fieldlist, geometryType and other details, and then populated with applyEdits using data retrieved from a windows socket.

I would say the application works most of the time, but maybe 1 out of 5 times it gives the following error in the console: 

[esri.views.2d.engine.webgl.mesh.templates.WGLTemplateStore] n {name: 'mapview-template-store', details: n, message: 'Unable to fetch requested texture resources'}

The featurelayer was created successfully without any error, and the feature count kept going up at the expected rate. However nothing gets rendered on the map, and each 'applyEdit' create the WGLTemplateStore error.

I tried to use TypeScript's Try - Catch method to capture this error so I can deal with it, but these do not register as exceptions. Can someone please tell me how I can 'catch' this type of issue in code?


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