popupskinrenderer is causing double encoding, how do i make it not encode?

10-21-2016 08:08 AM
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I don't want to use different fields for the same link. I write the %20 url's with a script and that makes them work with all of the other tools except popups.  I would greatly appreciate any help on this as it is more than nuisance level now.

if (htmlText)


fieldValue = new RichEditableText();

// convert attribute field values that just contain URLs into links

var match:Array = htmlText.match(/^\s*((https?|ftp):\/\/\S+)\s*$/i);

if (match && match.length > 0)


htmlText = '<a href="' + match[1] + '" target="_blank">' + match[1] + "</a>";


setTextFlow(fieldValue, htmlText);

fieldValue.editable = false;

fieldValue.left = "col2:5";

fieldValue.right = 0;

fieldValue.top = fieldLabel.top;



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   I have not been coding in Flex for a couple of years now... I vaguely remember this issue and I don't think I ever found a solution for it.

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