Publishing a 3D webscene of Mars

03-10-2022 08:15 AM
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I want to publish a 3D map of the Perseverance landing site as a web scene, but I get an error message saying unsupported spatial reference for my DEM layer of the Jezero Crater. The layer is in the Geographic Coordinate System GCS Mars,  the Equirectangular Mars projected coordinate system and uses the equidistant cylindrical projection. I thought maybe if I changed GCS Mars to Mars 2000 (Sphere) that would solve the problem, but I couldn't get it to change over. 

Any advice on how to publish a 3D map of Mars to a web scene would be appreciated.

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Hi @DominiqueEmars-Bye

Could you give a little more detail? What version of the software are you using? What version of the operating system do you have?

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This is not a fully supported workflow yet per the documentation below. This is only supported through creating a custom Javascript API application and is not supported in the ArcGIS Pro to Scene Viewer pipeline yet which why you are getting the unsupported coordinate system. 


  • Support for Mars_2000_(Sphere), GCS_Mars_2000 and GCS_Moon_2000 is experimental (see Visualize data on Mars sample). Scenes with these coordinate systems have the following limitations:
    • No support for dynamic layers, vector tile layers and scene layers
    • Daylight is currently not displayed correctly
    • Unable to be saved to a portal item



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