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Locating DAE file from Sketchup at the correct place in ArcMap/Scene

a month ago
New Contributor

I created a geolocated 3D model in SketchUp and exported it into DAE format to load it in ArcMap/Scene via ArcToolbox/Import 3D Files. The exported model in KMZ format was located at the correct place in Google Earth, but  imported DAE file in ArcMap was not located correctly.

The model was created from point cloud data with WGS84 UTM Zone 53N (EPSG:32653) but the imported data does not have CRS. I set WGS84 UTM Zone 53N as the layer CRS and tried some projected/geographic coordinate systems such as WGS84, JGD2011 (the model was build in Japan) and so forth, but none of them locate the model correctly.

KMZ file: located correctly in Google Earch


DAE: Incorrect location (WGS84 UTM Zone 53N in this case)


I adjusted location of imported point cloud to the axis in accordance with the recommendation from SU. This may cause the issue but it is not avoidable as the original coordinates are very far from axis which makes the model instable for editing. In any case, the created model was geolocated and could be located correctly in Google Earth.

I appreciate your suggestions to locate the model correctly.

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