2D Marker not visible through 3D Object (Indoor, behind 3D Object ..)

02-27-2023 04:59 AM
Esri Contributor

2D Layer Features, symbolisced as 2D Marker, Relative to ground or relative to scene, are not showed when they are inside or behind a 3D-Object (Scene Service, like a Building).

Tranparency on the 3D-Object makes no difference, exept 100%.

Workaround: 2D Layer as Style 3D-Object

Any plans, that the 2D Symbols are also showing up, if behind 3D Objects? This is important for indoor sensors, Beacons, Analytic-Points (Noise, Visibility and more)



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Esri Contributor

Hi @ChristophHaeberli 

This is in our backlog but not yet planned for a release. 
Thank you for sharing the use cases, this helps us to prioritize the backlog! 

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