Maritime Modernization: Automated Generation of Safe, Smooth Depth Contours with ArcGIS

Video created by kelleymoreno-esristaff Employee on Jul 1, 2020

    This technical GIS webinar shows how to use ArcGIS Maritime to automatically generate depth contours.  This technique can be used to customize contours to any degree of smoothness and ensure safety of navigation.  The result is a hands-free, chart-ready depth contours that can be delivered through web GIS Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI).


    Some of the most time-consuming work in hydrography is the production of, shoal-biased, cartographically-pleasing depth contours.  The process typically involves many hours of manual drafting and revision by highly trained cartographers and must be repeated every time new bathymetric survey are performed.  Often the depth contours that are appropriate for a chart product at one scale are not appropriate for a chart product at different scales.  This means each scale-specific set of depth contours must be developed separately.  An automated process, driven by GIS, is needed to solve these manual production issues.