Getting Started with ArcGISQuickCapture and Integromat

Video created by ichivite-esristaff Employee on May 5, 2020

    This video introduces basic concepts around the use of the ArcGIS QuickCapture module in Integromat. Integromat is a workflow automation solution allowing you to visually connect many apps and services such as Office 365, Google Docs, social media, databases and ArcGIS apps such as #QuickCapture and #Survey123.


    A common use case for using QuickCapture and Integromat is automating notifications: "Send an email or SMS automatically when certain field observation is sent from the QuickCapture mobile app".  However, it is possible to do much more. In this 20 minute video tutorial, essential techniques for working with QuickCapture and Integromat are described. Use this video as a quick tour to get started!