Spotlight on Support: Distinguishing Enhancements from Bugs

Video created by tdolan-esristaff Employee on Mar 3, 2020

    A guest post from Kory KramerCustomer Advocacy Lead - ArcGIS Desktop,regarding a recent change for Technical Support viewers in My Esri:


    I was looped into an email exchange with a Solution Engineer that was working with a customer, and I noticed that the customer kept referring to this enhancement request as a bug.


    I was curious as to why that was. Are you curious?


    Have you noticed that My Esri now differentiates between Bugs and Enhancement Requests?


    Take 2 minutes and 25 seconds out of your day for the full story (you don't even have to read anything, just sit back and watch!).


    Many thanks to Peter Klingman from the Product Advocacy Team for co-starring and video editing, and Christian Wells for shooting the video.