Project Prioritization and Scoring with Insights for ArcGIS

Video created by erodenberg-esristaff Employee on Jan 27, 2020

    This video demonstrates how to use Insights for ArcGIS to support Project Prioritization and Scoring at a State Department of Transportation.  Many State DOT's rely on excel spreadsheets with calculations that help the score projects based on need.  If an organization can accomplish the same work using the enterprise to manage the data as the authoritative source of truth in a collaborative workflow, this will drive answers quicker and foster other applications like the Historic Project Repository.  Because applications can reuse the data once the projects are selected, and the scoring algorithm is applied. After processing the data, it can pour into other applications in the ArcGIS Platform like Operations Dashboards and Web App Builder applications for visualization.  This demonstration shows how to accomplish this using a simple workflow that is repeatable year after year.  


    Special thanks go to @Stewart Rouse for his help in organizing and processing the data we from Colorado Department of Transportation.