Australian Capital Territory tackling Parcel Fabric & alignment best practices

Video created by ABarMaor-esristaff Employee on Dec 6, 2019

    Video recording from the Land Records Meetup December 5th, 2019


    The Australian Capital Territory Government has undertaken a 5 year program to redevelop their cadastral and foundational spatial datasets to ensure their Spatial Data Management System (SDMS) aligns to current technology and national standards as well as enabling 3D. The system was commissioned in early 2000s and built on platform that was in its final stages of support (Oracle 11). . An initial review conducted in 2015 identified over 60 issues with the current system and recommended its urgent replacement.
    The key outcomes of the 5yr project were:
    • Establish a system that will be easy to maintain and upgrade
    • Convert from the current ACT centric projection to the new Australian datum Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA2020)
    • Increase compatibility with other systems across government
    • Comply to national standards and streamline business process
    • Utilise the ESRI ELA and move to parcel fabric.
    This presentation will discuss how ACT achieved the move from a mathematical cadastral model in an oracle spatial database with a Geomedia front end to an PaaS Microsoft SQL ArcSDE database with both ArcMap and ArcGIS pro front end. Our next steps is building a Esri Enterprise 10.7.1 system and moving from ArcMap Parcel Frabric to ArcGIS Pro.


    Kristy Van Putten, Director of Land Information, ACT Gov: Kristy is the Senior System Administrator of SDMS. She has worked in the spatial industry for 15 years, 5 yrs for ACT Government and 10 yrs for Federal Government (5 yrs in Indonesia with AusAID). Kristy now represent ACT Government at countless Australian and New Zealand forums and is managing several whole of government spatial initiatives.


    Katrina Oppermann, SDMS Data Manager, ACT Gov: Katrina is the subject matter expert for ArcGIS Parcel Fabric and SDMS database architect. She has worked in the spatial industry for 20 years both in Australia and the UK. Katrina attended the Parcel Fabric Holistic workshop in Redlands in March 2019 and ensured the success of the SDMS data migration.


    Amanda Kildea, Consultant, Geospatial Intelligence: Amanda is the lead consultant with comprehensive understanding of cadastral management and ESRI software. She has worked in the spatial industry for 15 years in a variety of positions including ESRI Australia and Geospatial Intelligence consultant. Amanda has been paramount in ensuring that all previous work flows have been migrated into the ESRI environment, as well as ensuring the database migration QA was a success.