Fix Reversed Circular Arcs in Fabrics for ArcMap with Delta close to180°

Video created by thodson-esristaff Employee on Sep 13, 2019

    On occasion you may encounter circular arcs in your ArcMap Parcel Fabric that have geometry that becomes reversed when it is joined into the fabric. The original cause of the problem has been addressed in 10.6.1. The video will be useful if you have data with curves like that this that were created in releases prior to 10.6.1. The workarounds presented also work for fixing these curve while using earlier releases of the software, back to 10.4. This problem occurs for circular arcs that have deltas \ central angles close to 180°. The COGO attributes for the circular arc are valid, and the joining geometry shows the curve correctly but once it is joined to the of the fabric the arc is flipped onto the other side of the chord. This video shows the scenario for how this occurs, and also a couple of alternatives on how to fix the problem.