Materials Management Solution

Video created by erodenberg-esristaff Employee on Aug 10, 2018

    The Materials Management Solution for ArcGIS is a set of configurable commercial off the shelf applications that have been organized to support the coordination of field-based materials testing such as performing Slump of Hydraulic Concrete testing or sample collection.  The app allows us to schedule testing at project sites or sample collection from suppliers and plants who provide construction materials for DOT road improvement projects.  Technicians can access sample test forms to input test results and report feedback or they can use a form to collect samples that are shipped back to a DOT or Contractor lab for further testing.  Notifications can be sent to the labs to let the technicians know that new samples are on their way and when samples arrive, technicians can launch into the testing procedures and record the test results.  When testing is complete the results can be updated and notifications can be sent to suppliers, contractors and project managers so they know the test results and can act appropriately.  Finally, all of the results can be shared via Operations Dashboards where we can visualize test results, projects, and technician activity.