Living Atlas Community Webinar - November 2016

Video created by TGrant-esristaff Employee on Nov 3, 2016

    Expanded Imagery Offerings from DigitalGlobe and New Vector Tile Basemaps


    In this webinar, Deane Kensok of Esri's ArcGIS content team described Esri's plans to update the imagery in the World Imagery basemap. He was joined by Vicki Bassett of DigitalGlobe who provided an overview of our expanded partnership that includes more imagery access for you.


    Also, Andrew Green from Esri's ArcGIS content team discussed the capabilities and benefits of the new vector tile basemaps and demonstrated their usefulness.


    Links from the webinar:

    Expanded Imagery Offerings from DigitalGlobe

    -DigitalGlobe Basemap-

    -Metro areas that we intend to be included in the World Imagery map- 



    New Vector Tile Basemaps

    -ArcGIS Blog- (Tag: vector basemap)

    -Search for Beta Tile Layers and Web Maps in (owner:esri_vector)

    -Vector Basemaps (Beta) group in (This group will host the production versions of the Web Maps and Tile Layers once Vector Basemaps exit Beta)-

    -Sample Vector Tile Layers group in

    -Esri Vector Basemap Reference Document PDF on


    Customization Tools:

    -Vector Basemap Style Editor on GitHub (Beta)-

    -Vector Style JSON Editor (Beta)-

    -ArcGIS API for JavaScript Vector Tile Demos-

    -ArcGIS API for JavaScript-

    -Adobe Brackets (json editor)-