Cloning an Organization in Admin Tools for ArcGISâ„  Online

Video created by GISGPSMan on Nov 6, 2015

    This video shows how to move ArcGIS Online content from one organization to another (cloning). The beauty of this tool is that not only does it move the content over, it also rewire's all the content so that it operates/works correctly after the operation. The tool will literally clone one organization, or parts of it, to look, feel and act like another.


    Examples of use:


    • This is great for organizations who are consolidating into one ArcGIS online organization account and want to maintain the great content that they have spent so much time creating.
    • This is also great for organizations who have built content in ArcGIS Online and are wanting to move it to a Portal installation, or vice-versa.
    • Great for consultants who are building configurations in their own accounts and needing to move them to client accounts as well as update them.
    • Pushing content between development, test & production environments in ArcGIS Online & Portal.
    • Move content to a disaster recovery environment.
    • Move story map and web application builder configurations.


    You can get the tools here - Admin Tools New - Geo Jobe