View Item dependencies in ArcGIS Online or Portal

Video created by GISGPSMan on Nov 5, 2015

    How to view Item dependencies (relationships) in ArcGIS Online using Admin tools for ArcGISâ„  Online (Pro) or (Portal).


    Answer questions such as:

    • How many web maps and web apps are dependent on a specific service?
    • If I delete this service what web maps and web apps will be affected?
    • What web maps are supporting your web applications?
    • What services are supporting your web maps and web apps?

    Take action by:

    • Quickly identify broken service references in your web maps and assess the impact of this outage across your organization
    • See a visual hierarchy of relationships between your items
    • Pop-Out dependencies window to another screen
    • Print the visual hierarchy for ongoing reference purposes
    • Fix issues that you find with existing tools also in Admin Tools such as (Update Web Maps Services URLs, Find and Replace Web Maps Services URLs, Update Items Content/Source URL, etc.)


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