Grid lines stay 'straight' instead of curving with the projection

Discussion created by acwalker on Oct 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by AndroEMA
This is probably a stupid question but I've never run into it before.  I have created a shapefile of the Maidenhead grid (used for mapping amateur radio contacts).  It was created with a python script and defined in WGS84.  I would like to map it using the US National Atlas projection of North America.  When I switch to this projection in ArcMap the grid appears to be incorrectly displayed.  Instead of grid lines that smoothly curve across the map they remain 'straight'.  For this projection this results in a very incorrect portrayal of how these grid lines should cover the globe.  Reprojecting the grid hasn't had much effect.  A screen shot of the problem is attached.[ATTACH=CONFIG]18590[/ATTACH]

Instead of the spider web effect the grid should show curvature.