Invert Clip within a Feature Class?

Discussion created by darrochkaye on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2012 by Wayne_Whitley
Hi folks,

I have a feature class which has a series of shapes indicating severity (please see image attached). Unfortunately these are externally produced so I am having to find a workaround to my problem.

The bottom-most shape (light grey) is a complete shape, i.e. it continues underneath the darker grey shapes. What I need is a donut-shaped item, where the feature above cuts the shape below.

I guess I am looking for an inverted Clip tool to cut a hole in the light grey area, with the hole being the same shape as the medium-grey area, and so on for all layered features within the same feature class, e.g. based on attributes?

I am using ArcStandard v10.1. Why simple cartographic solutions, such as the Erase tool, are only for ArcAdvanced licencees, I'll never know. Money?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.