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Problems with Draw Toolbar

Question asked by jdkitzmi on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by jdkitzmi
I am attempting to get the draw toolbar to work in my application so I can use it as part of a geoprocessing task. I am just using it for a point feature. I had looked at the samples online and thought I had it sorted out, but apparently I haven't. I have attached my code here.

I keep getting an error saying that my toolbar variable is undefined, but I have it defined earlier in the code. I figure another set of eyes on it may help me see where I have an error. A simple misspelling or something simple is hopefully all that is wrong. I haven't begun really working on the GP task itself yet as I wanted to get this working first.

If I could get any help that would be great. Being a JS coding novice can be frustrating at times...