how can I send the idw files by email and one more information, please

Discussion created by giac85 on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by m.gasior
Hi, I should send by email 3 idw I created, but I noticed that this kind of files generate many others type of files, as .adf, .xml, .aux and .log. It is very confusing for those who receive these files, to open in a correct way the idw I want to show them.
Unfortunately I can't give these files to them by a usb pen drive, because they are too far from me.
I created a map.mxd where all the idw I need to show are included, but I think if in the computer of the people who receive these files, there aren't all the files I have listed before (.adf, .xml etc.) they can't see anything.
Another more advice, please: each one of these 3 idw are diveded in 6 agricultural yield classes (legend), from the lower to the higher production per hectare (tons/ha). My professor asked me to let understand the percentage of frequence of each class in each map. He just told me to use the spatial analyst extension, but he didn't tell me which spatial analyst tool (aspect, slope, hillshade, trend, etc.) I have to use for this purpose. I attach the 3 idw yield maps to let you understand better what I am talking about.
Please, can you advice me which method do I have to use to know the percentage of frequence of each class in every map?
Thank you very much.