File chooser dialog hangs when DockableWindow exists in ArcMap 10.1 (Java AddIn)

Discussion created by petra.zieger on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2012 by petra.zieger
we developed a Java AddIn, with some dialogs (Java File Chooser, Java Message Dialog). They work in ArcMap 10.0 very fine. In ArcMap 10.1 the dialog and ArcMap hangs. I think, it's a bug in 10.1, but I don't know who to prove this. I found an ESRI-File-Chooser-AddIn-Example in Java, which works good (AddLayerButton):

I add a new Button on the Toolbar (ParaTest) with the possibility to open a an DockableWindow. There is only a JButton (ClickMe) inside a JPanel without further functionality. With the ParaTest-Button I can show/hide the dockableWindow. The init-methode of the dockableWindow creates the DockabelWindow, so the DockabelWindow exists, already when ArcMap hat started (when the AddIn is already loaded). Consequently in both cases (with shown and hidden DockableWindow) the AddLayer-Button does not work and the File Chooser dialog hangs and I have to kill the ArcMap process.

Obviously the DockableWindow (also in the hidden case) causes a crash of the java file chooser dialog.

The little Addin with the two buttons and the dockablewindow is attached (source code and also the ready-to-use esriAddin. Everybody, who hat 10.1 installed, can help me. Does the AddIn behaves on other computers in the same way as I described?

Has anybody an idea, how to implement a file chooser as a Java-Addin with ArcObjects 10.1?

Greetings from Wachtberg in Germany,