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Discussion created by PGrimesesri-ireland-ie-esridist Employee on Sep 20, 2012
Hi Guys,
I'm trying to get the tutorial example working  - actually I have but now I'm trying to see how to include Rasters into the PDF also. 

I have incorporated a test image in my service and in my template - and they export with the PDF but they loose their name and position in the toc.  ( they become IMAGE and go to the bottom of the TOC)   I have tried creating a raster list using    rasters = arcpy.ListRasters(mxd) and get python to not remove these from the mxd. list but I cant appear to do anything with this list.  I'm a total newbie to python , but I'm trying!  so any help would be hugely appreciated.

I'm working on Server 10.1 just incase ....
I have attached a sample PDF  - open and turn off the States layer to reveal the image the image is layer IMAGE.

any help is appreciated