Relationship class editing in SDE

Discussion created by agaiser on Sep 18, 2012
I have a feature class (road centrelines) that has multiple relationship classes to tables that contain information such as address ranges, maintenance class information, road lifecycle status, etc. For security reasons only the road editor role has permission to edit the road centreline feature class (all others are read only). The address editor role has permission to edit the address range table. The Maintenance group has permission to edit the maintenance table, etc. What I want to do is:

    Road editor uses ArcMap to define the spatial road location

    Address editor opens ArcMap, starts editing, selects the road segment and adds the associated address information

Here is my problem. When I start editing in ArcMap 10 (SP3) as the address editor, I can't see the attributes of the road and therefore can't get to the related record. The only method that I have been successful with is select the primary key value from the road centreline table, copy it, then start a new address table entry and copy the value it to the foreign key in the address table. This is clunky, so I keep thinking that I am missing something simple.

Attached is a picture of my edit session. As you can see the spatial road is selected but there is nothing in the edit attributes window.

What button do I need to push to get the primary key to autopopulate in my related table? This works just fine if I start the process by selecting the road, selecting the + to see the related information, selecting the address relationship, and saying add new. Then the new table entry is created and the primary key is automatically populated. But this will only work with providing permissions to edit all tables and feature classes. This is not really an option.